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Sharevision for counseling and groups.

Sharevision is a way to help people connect with others in a deliberate way of interacting, allowing all voices within a conversation to be heard. Using Sharevision as a tool one-on-one or in groups every participant within the conversation learns how to listen intently, express themselves concisely and be curious about the things that are important to people in the group. Sharevision dialogues naturally generate new perspectives, opportunities and solutions while honoring past ways of being.

What we do:

Sharevision Counseling

Sharevision Counseling puts you in the driver’s seat with someone by your side as you articulate where you want to go. You are free to explore various routes and ways to overcome obstacles you encounter along the way. You will learn and practice new listening and communication skills. You will create more respectful and collaborative relationships that bring out the best in you and the people in your life.

Sharevision Training

We train Participants, Facilitators and Organizers. Sharevision provides a group meeting format wherein equal amounts of time are used to share, ask questions and be listened to. New and unexpected ideas are welcome. Relief from isolation gives rise to resilience. Sharevision is especially valuable in situations where people are experiencing high levels of stress.

A FREE download for you to use in group meetings to effectively deal with the impact of Covid-19

We know you are experiencing added levels of stress and uncertainty having to face the impact of Covid-19 global pandemic sweeping across our local communities right now.

Because we are all going through this at the same time, it can be difficult to find the space to make meaning of it all for ourselves, and to feel our concerns are heard. The Sharevision group format is a tool to help you, your family, your colleagues and your community talk about what is going on. Sharevision is a way to create the support and help we need to go forward together.