About Us

The Sharevision team began working together over thirty years ago as members of an interdisciplinary group working in human services. The group was dedicated to helping people address significant challenges through the integration of cultural practices and evidence-based research.
The development of the Sharevision Model grew from a recognition of the practical need to train therapists differently from historic hierarchical clinical models. It was designed to prepare counselors to practice reflecting on their work with one another and to get feedback and guidance in a supportive atmosphere.
The Model evolved as the group experimented with operationalizing the theoretical foundations of Family Therapist and Social Worker Lynn Hoffman’s (1985) guidelines towards a “power-with vs. power-over” approach alongside self-care strategies. Today the Sharevision approach is used in countless organizations and professional settings as well as personal and community contexts.

Dr. Lisa Thompson is a Clinical Social Worker with advanced degrees in Education. Her work has ranged from leading national initiatives to mobilizing stakeholders in order to make progressive change in the world. With expertise in Family Therapy, mediation and personal life coaching and education, Lisa specializes in couples and relationship work. Lisa’s approach combines community theatre, health education with social justice activism. 

Dr. Ellen Landis has expertise in helping people and organizations develop resilience especially related to stress and highly significant events. Ellen has worked in authoring best practice policies and programs to support people on the enterprise level, as well as working with groups and individuals in a therapeutic context.  Her publications and teaching focus on standards and ethics in the workplace, addressing power privilege and oppression in clinical relationships and creativity as a collaborative process.