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Sharevision Counseling

The Sharevision approach is ideally suited for counseling: it puts you in the driver’s seat with someone by your side to help you navigate where you want to go. You are free to explore various routes and ways to overcome the obstacles you encounter along the way. You will learn and practice new listening and communication skills. You will create more respectful and collaborative relationships that bring out the best in you and the people in your life.

Sharevision Counseling for Individuals

Sharevision generates multiple ways of thinking about the different challenges we all face. The Sharevision process gives you diverse perspectives to help you break free from unhelpful patterns and transform difficult situations into opportunities for growth.

Sharevision Counseling for Couples

Sharevision couples counseling supports couples to resolve issues that arise in relationships and family life. Couples learn new ways of relating and collaborating, making it possible to develop innovative, personally satisfying and consistent changes. The Sharevision approach teaches couples to be resilient by efficiently expressing themselves and listening to one another with a can-do approach to problem solving and conflict resolution.

Sharevision Counseling for Families

Families are complex networks of overlapping relationships. Sharevision affirms how important family matters deserve input from all members to maximize potential for positive outcomes. By giving airtime to every person in the conversation, family members can state their needs and interests in a respectful and assertive way. Through this process the whole family contributes to resolving conflict and works together to build agreements they can all live with.

Sharevision Counseling Groups

Groups are a wonderful way to join with others in developing your understanding of challenges and creative approaches to addressing them. In Sharevision groups, we always prioritize a respectful approach to the unique experiences of all participants in the meeting. We make time for each participant to have multiple opportunities to have a say in the conversation. Some groups include arts-integrated and outdoor learning opportunities.